About VoIP Spear

What is VoIP Spear?

VoIP Spear is a VoIP monitoring service with servers located in North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. We monitor your Internet connection 24x7x365 and alert you when there's a problem that would cause your voice quality to become poor.

We have been working in the VoIP industry for over 24 years.

Who Uses VoIP Spear?

Our customers use VoIP Spear at home, and in businesses both large and small. We also have a group of service providers using VoIP Spear to troubleshoot and diagnose issues for their customers.

Our Story

In 2008, we created VoIP Spear to help diagnose connectivity and call quality problems, a major headache for VoIP consumers and providers alike.

At the time, we were having problems diagnosing call quality issues because of a lack of reliable data about these issues. We were unable to afford the current solutions that would give us this data because they ran into the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention being difficult to set up.

So we created VoIP Spear.

Where other solutions are expensive, VoIP Spear is affordable. Where other solutions are time consuming to set up, VoIP Spear is up and running in minutes. Where other solutions require IT expertise to run, VoIP Spear is employed by all types of users, even beginners.

VoIP Monitoring by VoIP Spear

VoIP Spear provides you with reliable 24/7 VoIP monitoring and testing services and your choice of globally-located testing servers.

VoIP Spear differs from other VoIP testing services. Our system is easy to use and manage, and does not require manual installation. It is 24/7/365 reliable and provides you with notifications should your network perform below standard. We enable you to stay on top of your VoIP network. VoIP Spear assesses your VoIP quality performance using industry standards: MOS (Mean Opinion Score), jitter, packet loss and latency. Through consistent and persistent monitoring, you can effectively locate and address issues even before they affect your day-to-day business operation.

Why Monitor Your VoIP?

The best-performing VoIP service relies on regular and consistent call quality monitoring / VoIP quality of service tests. Monitoring ensures that your network and VoIP service work for you 24/7/365. Reliable connectivity, and good audio and voice quality are imperative in digital communication, especially if it's for your business.

Through VoIP monitoring by VoIP Spear, you ensure that your digital telephone system actually helps you improve productivity and reduce cost. VoIP quality that is below par negates productivity and cost-efficiency goals. And while dips in VoIP network performance – which affect your VoIP service – are normal, you should be able to minimize their ill-effects. Persistent voice quality impairments and connectivity problems have no place in business VoIP systems.