VoIP Quality

VoIP quality is assessed through accepted performance standards, objective measures of network and system suitability for digital telecommunications. With our VoIP monitoring and testing services, you can assess your VoIP service based on these VoIP quality standards. Dips in performance will trigger our notification system to send you alerts. You or your service provider can address issues before these affect your business' daily operations.

There are many benefits to transitioning to VoIP. You just have to make sure that your VoIP monitoring partner measures the important standards of performance so you get the best picture of your service. Your VoIP quality profile will help you diagnose problem areas and implement fixes where possible.

A good VoIP Monitor will measure MOS (mean opinion score), latency, jitter and packet loss.

Dating back in the days of traditional telephony, it used to pertain to the subjective perception of call quality, as assessed from a “quiet” room. In digital telecommunications, it assesses quality more objectively through your network and the codecs (compression format) used.
Latency pertains to delays in the transport of data/voice packets. This is naturally occurring in VoIP, as well as in traditional telecommunications. However, there are instances when the rate of latency is above what's acceptable. This may be caused by jitter buffer, propagation or packetization. The maximum acceptable one-way delay is 150 ms.
This refers to the variation in the rate of delays. In order for a conversation to be understandable, data packets have to reach their destination in an eveny-paced consecutive order. That's why there's the so-called jitter buffer, which reduces the gaps between packets before they are delivered to the recipient.
Packet Loss
As the name suggests, packet loss refers to the rate of dropped packets during data transport. In VoIP, even a small fraction of packet loss is unacceptable.

VoIP Spear is your best option in reliable VoIP quality monitoring. Its monitoring system persistently and consistently tests VoIP networks from strategically located testing servers around the world. You have immediate access to performance profiles and reports. Should your VoIP quality fall below acceptable levels, you will receive alerts so you can handle issues promptly.

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