Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

VoIP Spear is an online service that measures the quality of your internet connection. VoIP Spear works well because it monitors your internet connection 24x7x365, every minute of the day. This means it can spot issues with your network even when you're not using it.

Some of the applications we use the internet for -- like phone calls, video calls, and video games -- are very sensitive to disruptions in network quality. This is because these are real-time applications, meaning that it's very important they get their data within a few milliseconds of when they expect to.

Some examples of real-time systems are: VoIP calls, video conferencing, online video games, high-frequency trading platforms, banking systems, patient-monitoring systems, telemedicine, autonomous vehicles, traffic management systems, process control systems, robotics, streaming services, flight control systems, missile guidance systems, disaster response systems, 911 emergency services.

VoIP Spear runs its tests against your endpoints every 60 seconds. We monitor the performance of the test results and grade this using industry standard methods. The grade is a score between 1 (very bad quality) and 5 (high quality).

No. VoIP Spear is completely automatic and online. You don't have to install anything on any computer or server to use VoIP Spear. Simply provide your IP address and VoIP Spear will start testing.

For more advanced users (like service providers), VoIP Spear provides you options to install our software on your infrastructure.

VoIP Spear customers tend to fall into the following categories.

  1. Regular internet users: Many customers use VOIP Spear to monitor their network quality. Often, this is because the customer is having issues with their video calls, voice calls, video gaming, etc.
  2. Business users: So much of our work is done via the internet these days that it's important to have a really good quality connection. Many businesses choose VoIP Spear to help ensure a headache-free experience.
  3. Service Providers: Many service providers use VoIP Spear for helping troubleshoot customer issues. There's nothing worse than having an upset customer but you dno't have enough data to troubleshoot. Those days are in the past if you sign up for VoIP Spear because it monitors your customers 24x7x365 and will spot network problems.
  4. Resellers: Resellers like Managed Service Providers (MSP's) use VoIP Spear to monitor customer network experience just like regular VoIP Spear users. However, these resellers realize how critical it is for their customers to have a quality experience, so they charge the customer for VoIP Spear service and their administration of it. Thus, VoIP Spear becomes a profit center.

Internet Quality Measurement

Mean Opinion Score is a number between 1 (poor) and 5 (excellent) that indicates the quality of your internet service. MOS is commonly used for VoIP service quality and is an industry standard. Because other real-time services

VoIP Spear has 15-20 servers across the world. Use the servers that best emulate the conditions on your endpoints.

VoIP Spear has servers across world that can be used to test your endpoints. You can choose to use any of these servers. To obtain the IP addresses, login to your VoIP Spear account and go to the Support content. There is a support article containing the list of server IP's.


Take a look at our price plans for more information. Note that there is a 20% discount when you pay for an entire year at a time. Also note that all of our plans have a 30-day trial period.

All of our plans have a 30-day trial.