Mean Opinion Score (MOS)

Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is a measure of call quality.

MOS has been around since traditional telephony. It is a measure of call quality, assessed differently for traditional and digital communications. Back then, assessment was subjective and made use of a “quiet” room, a talker, and different volume levels. The score was given subjectively, depending on the person who made the assessment. In VoIP, the scoring for MOS is more objective since your network's performance is now the basis.

It is important to know the mean opinion score of your VoIP service; not just one time but at regular intervals. Consistent and persistent VoIP testing provides you with a good profile of your VoIP's performance, which would then allow you to address issues, if any.

There are several things that affect your MOS. Foremost here is your network and codec specifications. Your network sets a specific bandwidth allotment for your account. If your bandwidth allotment is not sufficient for the requirements of VoIP, you should have it increased. Your choice of codec (compression/decompression system), on the other hand, implies a trade-off between bandwidth usage and call quality.

Other VoIP quality parameters that affect your MOS include jitter, packet loss and latency. Your VoIP Spear account also monitors these parameters separately. Their performance profiles will help you pinpoint and resolve VoIP problems.

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