VoIP Testing Services: How to Choose

VoIP testing services for monitoring your home or business VoIP are essential for ensuring reliable quality telecommunications.

Reliable phone service is essential in maintaining relationships, customer satisfaction and cooperation among employees and business units. Of course, there are also benefits of VoIP that you can only make the most of if your connection is solid, such as increased productivity and communications convergence.

VoIP testing services are no longer an option.

Choosing from VoIP testing services options and finding the best for your VoIP system is no longer an extra – it is a prerequisite to enjoying good and consistent VoIP quality. And it is important that you choose your VoIP monitoring company wisely. There are differences in the services available to you.

Do not compromise on reliability and consistency: Your VoIP testing service should be running 24/7/365. Your endpoints should be tested periodically, and you should get regular reports on how your service is performing. It is important that you are able to get a clear picture of your VoIP quality, daily and weekly, such that you see typical downtimes and causes. This way, you can troubleshoot issues before your operations are affected.

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Look for affordability: Unless you're a big company with several locations and servers, and thousands of employees, it doesn't pay to sign up with costly competitors. Some of these services cost upwards of 5,000 to monitor an endpoint.

The better option is VoIP Spear's mid-ranged priced 24/7/365 VoIP monitoring service. With VoIP Spear, you get consistent and persistent VoIP quality testing, access to reports, and notifications on performance dips. Sign up now.

Require easy installation and maintenance: One of the reasons why people associate VoIP monitoring with increased overhead expenditure is the assumption that you need additional manpower just to manage your VoIP testing service. This isn't the case with VoIP Spear. Upon sign up, you can start easily monitoring your VoIP endpoints. Select from globally located testing servers. You can even use our API if you sign up for the 'Office' plan.

Get started on a true-value, reliable VoIP testing service.

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