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Nov 28, 2023

Ensuring Success: Pre-Qualify Your Customers with VoIP Quality Monitoring Tools

Nov 28, 2023

The VoIP services market is extremely competitive. You’re focused on providing a best-in-class experience for your customers; however, the reality is that not all potential customers are an ideal fit for your service. There are varying degrees of quality to internet connections which means some customers won’t have a good experience regardless of how well-crafted your service is.

This is where the concept of using Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring tools to assess and pre-qualify customers comes into play. QoS monitoring tools measure the following:

  • Latency monitoring: Latency is the amount of time packets take to go from one place to another on the internet. It’s essential to keep this latency under 100ms (though sometimes more or less, depending on certain circumstances).
  • Packet loss: Packets can be dropped in real-time communications like voice and video which means results in degraded audio or video. By measuring packet loss, providers can gauge whether a customer will have a good experience.
  • Jitter measurement: Jitter is the consistency of an internet connection. By measuring jitter levels, you can assess if a customer’s network provides a stable connection.

Some customers have poor internet connections. This is out of your control meaning there’s nothing you can directly do to resolve the problem. By pre-qualifying these customers, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Reduced support costs: Customer support is one of your biggest costs as a service provider. Customers with poor network service will call in again and again so it’s best to avoid these customers rather than spend support time working on a problem that is not under your control.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: By eliminating customers with poor network conditions, you will have a base of customers who are able to enjoy the high-quality service you provide. And your support team’s time will be freed up to work on problems they have an impact on rather than spinning their wheels on problems out of their control.
  • Reduced churn: Pre-qualification will reduce the customer churn due to below par service quality.

An effective tool for VoIP pre-qualification is VoIP Spear. VoIP Spear is designed to run continually, testing network conditions every 60 seconds, over an extended period of time so you get a rich set of data back about the customer’s network.

VoIP Spear is also extremely quick and easy to implement. Your team can set up it remotely without the need for a site visit. Your technicians can start pre-qualifying customers in minutes.

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