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May 31, 2024

Introducing Sentry: Essential Network Monitoring Tool

May 31, 2024

We're excited to announce the launch of Sentry, our new software product for monitoring network quality. Available for both Windows and Mac, it's a quick download and easy install. Once set up, Sentry runs quietly from the system tray, continuously monitoring network quality.

Home users and small businesses can benefit from using Sentry because it continuously monitors the network. This means it detects potential issues before they escalate into bigger problems, thus minimizing downtime.

Service providers who install the software give themselves valuable insights into the network quality issues their clients are experiencing. They can then use the information provided by VoIP Spear to help on tech support calls. This will reduce the time spent on each call which means less frustration for customers and less time and money spent on support issues.

Seamless Integration and Easy Installation

We've worked hard to make Sentry simple to set up. Once you have finished installing the software, it begins its work immediately, running in the background in the system tray and not requiring any input or maintenance from you.

Continuous Monitoring from Within Your Network

Because Sentry is installed on your computer, it provides you a step up in network quality monitoring from regular VoIP Spear monitoring. It operates inside the LAN thus providing you network quality data from the LAN.

Tailored for MSPs and VoIP Service Providers

During the process of creating Sentry, we thought long and hard about how it will be used by MSPs and other service providers. These providers require a reliable tool that can provide reliable network insights without being invasive or cumbersome. Sentry’s design ensures that it can be easily deployed across various client networks without the need for extensive configuration.

Get Started with Sentry Today

We believe Sentry will transform how you monitor and manage your network quality. Getting started is easy — create a VoIP Spear account, set up a Sentry in the site, and download the software directly from our website.

Sentry is more than just a network monitoring tool -- it's your partner in maintaining network excellence. We're excited to see how you can use it to enhance your services and keep your clients happy. Try Sentry today, and experience the future of network monitoring.

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